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Booking Information

Monday-Saturday | 8:00am - 5:00pm

Virtual or Phone

In-Person sessions coming *soon*

All readings are completely confidential. There is no judgment, only Love & Light towards your individual situation. Your session is subject to your own interpretation.




Text or Call Julie at ‪773.999.9836

More than just a Life Coach!
You will receive advice via the Akashic Records.
love and support will come from above, so you can receive the validation of your path and the steps to
achieve the
greatest days of your life.  

This all begins with you!

Enlightenment is provided from the Records in order for you to obtain understanding, healing, and direction about your life.  The goal is to shine Light on the lessons and apply the guidance in a way that will empower and

support your deepest self.

Diversity Acceptance

Pride and Black Lives Matter
Black and LGBTQIA+ Lives Matter
Everyone is Welcome Here

Previous clients have experienced a wide variety of energy and emotional releases, a sense of calm, a feeling of acceptance and understanding, confirmation of their journey and recommended guidance to enhance their life in the present and future.  


Spiritual Expansion is a forerunner to effective emotional healing.  You are the only person that can change YOU!  You must make your own choices, and your Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones are always there to support you on your journey to Heaven on Earth. 

Jess, Canada

Words truly can't express the value Julie's Akashic Record reading provided for me. The experience truly was the most validating, uplifting, and beautiful session I have received. Her guidance, and unique way of accessing your records is indescribable. Truly a beautiful gift, and beautiful soul. Julie's accuracy, and safety created a space for deep healing, reflection and evolution. Would recommend again and again. Thank you Julie for sharing your beautiful gift with me. The 30 minute session broke down walls that I have been living with my whole life. I feel more confident, supported and validated than I could have imagined. Words truly do not do her service justice, I feel so honored and privileged to know and experience this healing from her.

Thank you Julie!!

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